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The Florence Concert January 22 2017 - Nafis Umerkulova24-Jan-2018

The house was full and there were no less than five curtain calls.

Works by Stanchinsky proved a revelation to the audience who demanded a return performance. Plans are afoot for a concert in the future at the Fondazione Scuola di Musica di Fiesole in the Casa della Musica in Arezzo.

A Concert in Florence23-Nov-2017

The Foundation is sponsoring a piano recital to be held on the 22nd January 2018 at the Lyceum Club Internazionale in Florence. The pianist is the renowned Uzbeck-British musician, Nafis Umerkulova. The programme consists of works by Haydn, Schumann and  Stanchinsky.

The location is Palazzo Giugni, Via Alfani 48, Florence and the time 6.30 pm

10 October 2010 Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concert08-Oct-2017


Dame Myra Hess was famous for initiating the renowned wartime concert series held in the National Gallery, London. The first was held on October 10th 1939. You may read about Myra on the National Gallery website.

For information and biography of Myra Hess:

In order to commemorate the first concert 78 years ago this Foundation gave a Bluthner pianoforte to the Gallery to promote a concert series. The Foundation felt that the first memorial concert should be performed by a prominent lady pianist and so Patrick Matthiesen invited the participation of the leading such pianist in the UK - Imogen Cooper who very graciously accepted. The concert programme containing works by Haydn and Beethoven will be performed at 1pm on Tuesday October 10th.

 From the National Gallery flyer:

 ‘This concert is dedicated to Dame Myra Hess who, against insurmountable odds, arranged concerts in the National Gallery every day of the week throughout the Second World War.

The first concert took place at the National Gallery on 10 October 1939. Dame Myra Hess and her team had only a few weeks to make the arrangements and busied themselves booking performers, equipping the venue and organising publicity.

Director, Kenneth Clark, began by winning the blessing of the Gallery’s trustees for the project, he then turned his attention to convincing the Home Office and Ministry of Works to grant the concerts dispensation from the ban on public gatherings. ‘’The sooner we can start the better’’, he wrote, ‘’As this is the period when people are beginning to feel the want of nourishment for mind and spirit and it would be a great thing for the National Gallery to give a lead’’.

The concert of 20 February 1941 featured the singer Lisa Perli, Howard Ferguson, Sidney Griller and Colin Hampton from the Griller Quartet, and Ivor Newton.

Today’s concert programme celebrating Dame Myra Hess’s legacy is:


7 Bagatelles op 33 (20’)                                      Beethoven

Sonata in C minor Hob. XVI/20. (22’)            Haydn

Sonata in A flat major op 110 (20’)                   Beethoven’

Myra Hess organised over 1000 concerts which took place daily from October 1943 until the Spring of 1946, an incredible achievement.

Peru projects 2017 update28-Jun-2017

Attached is an update on the several projects we sponsored in March 2016.

They are all proceeding exceedingly well. GATIA goes from strength to strength under the able guidance of ANITA and they are now considering launching a cartoon to promote their work much as ANIA did 7 years ago with immense success. We may participate in funding this project. CREA has mapped out and surveyed the Animal Sanctuary with our sponsorship and the photos of the children speak for themselves. The Foundation is considering sponsoring solar lighting or the remaining 17 houses in Puerto Prado on the Amazon.

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2017 Charity concert on behalf of Doctors Without Borders28-Jun-2017

The Parish Church of the SS Trinita at Rollo di Andora, Liguria, Province of Savona

For the last 13 years the Foundation has sponsored a charity concert of classical music in the baroque church of the SS. Trinita in Borgo di Rollo, Andora, Liguria. This year the concert will be held on July 29th at 8.30pm. The concert with interval lasts about two hours. The programme this year is ambitious and contains rare baroque music for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, strings and chamber organ. The concert is entitled THE LAMENT IN ITALIAN BAROQUE MUSIC and contains a variety of rarely heard pieces of great beauty including a Stabat Mater by Brunetti and cantatas by Porpora, Landi and Conte.. The programme may be viewed in the accompanying PDF.

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A New Harpsichord for the National Gallery, London28-Jun-2017

Following on upon the success of the Bluthner concert grand piano this Foundation in conjunction with the Orbis Pictus Foundation gifted to the National Gallery in Autumn 2016 the Foundation has now commissioned a Kirkman 1770 replica harpsichord also to be gifted to the National Gallery. The instrument will be built over the next 9 months by Mario del Grosso who has created over 80 such instruments which are being played worldwide.

The National Gallery has arranged several concerts using the new bluthner piano with great success but one of these concerts in conjunction with the ENO was of Monteverdi operatic arias. Patrick Matthiesen observed that accompanied on a piano this was a less than ideal solution and hence the offer of a baroque instrument was made. Several other institutions in London have also expressed interest in having a harpsichord.

The Childrens Lands book10-Apr-2017

I attach an image of the book and the introduction in pdf (in Spanish)

We have printed 1000 copies of which 500 will be given to opinion leaders in Peru (media people, CEO, School directors, deans of universities, artists, politicians, among others)

The book has 230 illustrated pages and has the format of a “coffee table book”.


The Foundation co-financed the printing of this book. The manuals have been distributed to every school in Peru by the Government.


This is a de luxe follow on to the printed manuals and on line manuals which are now ditributed by the government to every school in Peru.

The Foundation co-financed the printing of this publication

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Music sponsorship 201720-Feb-2017


Last July the Foundation discussed the possibility of sponsoring a young musician from Tashkent. We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the travel and stay of Alina Pritulenko who is a pupil of Mrs Gulnora Umarova.

The latter is the mother of Nafis Umerkulova, the very successful young pianist and graduate of RAM who has performed at two of the Foundation\'s charity concerts. Alina Pritulenko is 16 and will audition at the Purcell Music School, London.













End of year update on projects in Peru December 201610-Dec-2016

Attached you may find a PDF report on the 4 projects we sponsored near Iquitos as a result of my visit there in March this year. All projects are a great success going forward as you can see from the happy smiles of the children at Padre Cocha and Puerto Prado. The project survey and business plan for CRIA\'s animal sanctuary will be completed early next year. Claudia who has been sponsored at university is progressing with her studies with good marks.

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The Foundation acquires a concert grand piano for The National Gallery, London07-Dec-2016

The Foundation has been working with two directors of the National Gallery in order to gift a Bluthner concert grand piano. This has taken some five years of nefotiation but December 2016 the piano will be installed thereby allowing for a much greater flexibility in the National Gallery\'s concert plans. The idea behind this gift was to comemorate the wartime concerts given by Dame Myra Hess. The funding of the piano has been arranged in partnership with the Orbis Pictus Trust.

Peru 2016 updates for Porto Prado and Padre Cocha projects 1201-Jul-2016

Following on Patrck Matthiesen\'s visit to the Amazon in March 2016 and the development plan for several projects recorded in an earlier blog I am pleased to announce that great progress has been achieved. Solar lighting has been installed in several houses but above all at the Primary School and kindergarten in Porto Prado. This has been a huge success as you can see from the accompanying PDF below.

In Padre Cocha the children\'s play areas have been initiated, a \'football field\' put at their disposal and the kids are relating with the animal sanctuary adjacent run by Gudrun. Again see the PDF for delightful images.


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Report of the activieties undertaken by the Foundation 2015-1614-May-2016







The Foundation made ex gratia payments to the following beneficiaries:


Glacier Trust Nepal earthquake relief


Listening Books


The Courtauld Institute of Art Fund


The Microloan Foundation


English Touring Opera


The Bach Players


Crisis Homeless


Children with Cancer


Happy Days Children Holidays


Woofability Guide Dogs


Rollo Annual Concert/ Médecins sans Frontières




The main area of activity was once again concentrated on the education of young children with regard to ecological sustainability in Peru in conjunction with ANIA.


Projects which were announced during the year, and which can be accessed in greater detail on the Foundation website were the sponsorship of the publication of Nature’s Greatest Gift and a New English Manual for the Children’s Lands project worldwide. These illustrated publications have been made accessible online on the Foundation website (Homepage and under NEWS).


Again, as reported on the website, a TV aerial has been connected to the Micro Hydro Electric Scheme in the Andes sponsored by this Foundation at Chambomontera allowing the use of TV as an educational tool in the school, which services four villages.


The Foundation participated in raising funds for a project by the Greenshoots Foundation to train local farmers in improving agricultural practices on the northern Cambodian frontier with Thailand.


The Foundation was also instrumental in raising funds to sponsor the final catalogue completing the publication of the collection at the Museo Di Capodimonte; this was the volume relating to non-Italian artists. This publication was carried out in conjunction with the Amici di Capodimonte.


In addition to the projects previously initiated in Peru, in previous years, the site at Porto Prado on the banks of the Marañon River (the main tributary to the Amazon), which is inhabited by indigenous Cucuma Indians, was expanded by an additional 4 Ha. The Children’s Land territory now totals 12 Ha or about 30 acres.


In March 2016, Patrick Matthiesen travelled to Peru to investigate progress on some of the various sites that the Foundation has sponsored since 2009. On this occasion he travelled to Lima, the Ica region and to the Iquitos region on the Amazon. In Lima he visited the Natural History Museum where the Foundation had sponsored a didactic project to teach school children from the capital, the importance of the Children’s Land concepts which are shown on a restricted scale. These are visited by about 20 000 school children a year and a guide is available at all times to explain the concept to the visitors. In view of the success of this concept it was decided with ANIA to update some of the didactic signage. There is a bamboo Maloca or garden house full of artefacts and information which is very popular with visitors and there is notable bird activity in the enclosure. A visit was made to the Favella of San Juan de Miraflores where sadly the living environment has not improved over seven years. The children’s projects in front of the shacks have survived and expanded. It was learned that Claudia, who promoted the scheme aged 11, now aged 18, did not have the funds to go to university to complete a degree in psychology. A ‘scholarship’ is being arranged over a period of four and a half year in conjunction with the Orbis Pictus Foundation. In addition, in view of the fact that six people appear to be living in one room, a grant of $1500 is being made to improve conditions so that they are more suitable for study purposes.
The visit to Santa Cruz, which is located in Ica province in the south was rewarding. This project was started in 2009-10 when the piece of land that was donated was a rubbish dump. This was cleared by the children and a TiNi Children’s Land was instituted and trees and flowers planted and a playground area created. At that time there were 200 children in the local school. The success of this project over the last seven years has drawn many more children to the immediate facility so that the school now has 700 pupils. Local town officials recognised that this is almost entirely due to the project which had the benefit of a particularly gifted supervisor or ‘Promoter’ whose success was recognised by the regional Authorities so that he is now in charge of 150 schools. On the occasion of his visit, we toured 4 of these schools together. Local corporate sponsorship has improved the play facilities and may also pay for drip irrigation. In addition, we went further south to the Paracas National Park which is a desert boarded by a sea coast line which has the highest variety of marine species of anywhere in the world. The Foundation was invited to sponsor a micro-project, but as there were only 8 to 10 children present in the hamlet and there were extraneous workers in the fishing industry visiting the site daily, who could not be controlled by the village Headman, Mr Matthiesen considered the project as unviable and has declined to support it.


Mr Matthiesen travelled to Iquitos to inspect the Children’s Land project of 2013-14 in conjunction with CRIA and the Animal Rescue Centre with particular reference to river manatee rescue and release. The present rescue site and Children’s Land is on land owned by government Fishery Research Centre and may no longer be available in two years’ time, consequently CRIA has located an alternative forest site a few kilometres away, on land owned by one of the directors uncle. This plot of 10 Ha harbours a relatively rare sand forest type known as Campinaranas which is well known for its unique biodiversity and high levels of endemism, hosting up to 2 500 species, and many unique types of birds. The plot also contains three very large ponds, at different levels, fed by a spring which might be suitable for the larger manatees awaiting release. The Foundation will fund an in-depth business plan for the development and promotion of this site as ‘Huayolandia’ both for conservation and tourism, (Huayo is the mascot and emblem of CRIA-a Muppet-like creature).


While in Iquitos, Mr Matthiesen met with two highly active young women who founded an organisation known as GATIA. Both of the founders have a background in ecological studies and not only have they worked with the ANIA Children’s Land concept, but for the last three years they have been active in developing schemes for the recycling of plastic refuse to create fashion items, jewellery, clothing and other artefacts, to a high degree of sophistication. They promote recycling and civic cleanliness on a TV-slot once a week. As he was highly impressed by this organisation’s proactive role and ingenuity, it was proposed that the foundation shall sponsor a project at Padre Cocha with GATIA during 2016-17 (see below).


Mr Matthiesen also visited by boat the project at Porto Prado where he was greeted by the entire population made up in war-paint and singing native songs. The project has developed beyond one’s best expectations; both village elders and children are fully committed and knowledgeable. Children delighted in showing each and every species of tree, and in describing their role in protecting the environment. Their requests were for solar energy to light the school house and the Maloca and to have a swing(s) for the children in the play area, and if possible to improve the provisional rustic dam across the stream which creates the children’s water-play area. The Foundation is attempting to fulfil all these requirements. Mr Matthiesen travelled by river boat to three further locations, namely El Milagro (the miracle) where GATIA hopes to promote a Children’s Land and to El Arenal (the sand land) where there is an existing Children’s Land project. On the final day, a visit was made to Nina Rumi where three large plots of land, totalling 15 Ha were promised as a Children’s Land project, but because it was over 600 m on foot to the nearest plot from the school, Mr Matthiesen considered this too far to be viable over the long term to retain the children’s interest and activity.


Finally he visited by boat Padre Cocha, a community again close to the river, which is also well-known on account of a butterfly farm and animal rescue centre for multiple species, run by Gudrun Sperrer and known as the Pilpintuwasi Amazon Animal Orphanage. Gudrun has for 30 years owned some 30 Ha and is putting a proportion of this land at the disposal of ANIA for a Children’s Land project which the Foundation may sponsor. GATIA will also propose a collaboration with the Foundation for us to sponsor teaching the locals plastic recycling and reuse.


The Children’s Land concept has now been embraced by the Peruvian Ministry of Education which has directed that a cloned project should be rolled out in every school.






It is proposed that a Trustee’s meeting should be held at 7-8 Mason’s Yard, London SW1Y 6BU at 6.30 to 7 pm Wednesday the 15th of June followed by supper. RSVP.





Patrick Matthiesen,




For an illustrated version of this report please open the PDF below

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Ania`s story: Nature Greatest Gift

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The Childrens Lands concept and projects have been sponsored by this Foundation since 1999 since they were first conceived together with Joaquin Leguia and ANIA. The concept has been recognised by UNESCO and awarded a Prize of Excellence. Attached here in a PDF is the latest illustrated manual aimed at children themselves rather than organisers. We hope that any reader here will show this to his children.....

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Agriculture in Cambodia20-Oct-2015

In 2015 the Foundation sponsored through the Greenshoots Foundation a project to train young people in farming techniques in northern cambodia close to the  Thai border. Full details are explained in the accompanying PDF.


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Academic sponsorship20-Oct-2015

The Foundation together with the Orbis Pictus trust underwrote 50% of the publication costs at Electa of the final volume cataloguing the collections at Capodimonte, Naples. This volume contains a catalogue of all the paintings by foreign non-Italian artists in the collection.

New English language manual for the Childrens lands29-Jul-2015

A new brochure outlining the scope of the Childrens lands projects has been produced in English by ANIA. It is here attached in PDF form. Click the logo below to open. New links will soon be loaded on the Home Page to the three user manuals instructing how to start and run a Childrens Land project. Several new illustrated books are described in this PDF

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Poster for the Eighth Mid Summer Concert in Rollo August 0202-Jul-2015
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Chambomontera [Peru] furthur update02-Jul-2015

In 2009-13 this Foundation sponsored and oversaw the construction and commissioning of a Micro Hydro Electric scheme. The original scheme was fraught with problems and failed and under the guidance of this Foundation was radically altered and rebuilt since which time it has functioned without flaws. The lengthy history is recorded in previous posts.

The scheme services the village of Chambomontera and its school which itself hosts education for 4 or 5 outlying villages. The scheme also subsequently was extended to bring electricity to an outlying hamlet.

At the time that Patrick Matthiesen was \'on site\' he expressed the desire and conviction that now that there was electricity available a TV antenna must be erected to bring TV to the school. Telephony would also be desirable. Now, under the guidance of Rafael Escobar or Soluciones Pratico [Practical Action] these elements are now in place dramatically improving education and extensing the horizions of the local inhabitants.

Ninth Midsummer concert, August 02 in the Church of SS Trinita, Rollo10-Jun-2015

This year the Foundation organises and sponsors the eighth Midsummer Classical Concert in Rollo di Andora, Liguria on August 02 at 9pm. this is a major concert of almost two hours with an interval for regreshments. The soloists are the renowned Uzbekistan pianist, Nafis Umerkulova and the American cellist and Professor of Music, Peter Lewy. Mario del Grosso will make a guest appearence on a harpsichord he has built.

This year the concert benefits victims of the Nepal Earthquake.

Everyone is welcome. Tickets at the gate. Here is the programme:


 in Aid of

Médicins Sans Frontières – Nepal Earthquake victims

Church of SS Trinità, Rollo di Andora, SV 17051, Liguria, Italy.

Organised & Sponsored by

The Matthiesen Foundation

August 02 2015 at 2100.



Peter Lewy, Cello

Nafis Umerkulova, Pianoforte

Mario del Grosso, Harpsichord.



J.S.BACH, (Eisenach 1685-1750 Leipzig) Prelude Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007  1717-23 [cello solo]  2.75 minutes


JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU (Dijon 1683 – 1764 Paris) Gavotte et six Doubles 1728 [harpsichord solo]  7 minutes


H. ECCLES, (London & Paris 1670–1742) Sonata in G minor c. 1723 [cello and piano]  8.5 minutes


L. BOCCHERINI, (Lucca  1743-1805 Madrid) Sonata no 6 in A Major 1773? [cello and piano]  8.5 minutes 


GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (Magdeburg 1681 – 1767 Hamburg) Fantasie  no. 6 in F Major  TWV 33:6 and  Fantasie no. 12 in E flat major, TWV 33:12  1732-33 [harpsichord solo]  11 minutes


PETER LEWY, Caprice in G Major  3 minutes


F. SCHUBERT, (Himmelpfortgrund 1797-1828 Vienna)   Impromptu No 3 in Gb  major, op 142/13, D. 935 1827 [piano solo]  10 minutes





F. CHOPIN, (Želazowa Wola 1810-1849 Paris) Polonaise brillante Opus 3 in C Major 1830  [piano and cello]    9 minutes


S. RACHMANINOV (Semyonovo 1873-1943 Beverly Hills)  Etudes Tableaux op 39 1-3 1916-17 [ piano solo]  12 minutes


C. SAINT SAËNS, (Paris 1835-1921 Algiers) Allegro Appasionato Opus 43 in B minor 1875 [cello and piano]   4 minutes


 F. LISZT (Doborján 1811-1886 Bayreuth) B minor Sonata S178  1853 [piano solo] 30 minutes







2015 New Projects in Peru10-Jun-2015

The Foundation has embarked on three new projects for this year. The Childrens lands Porto Prado project in or near Iquitos is being expanded. it was started last year and has proved a big success. After extensive negotiations over the last year we have managed to get the authorities to deed to the Iquitos children an additional 4 hectares [ten acres] of forest land. This is a big advancement and will help the project which is adjacent to the Amazon river manatees rescue project. Both projects have become aan eco tourist attraction.

Two furthur projects are in the favellas of Lima: one of these is at Villa Clorinda Malaga de Prado, the other on a landfill tip without a single blade of grass. Please click the PDF symbol below to open a report and images

For those of you who are interested I attach details of a series of videos you can watch on line outlining the concept of the projects we engage in..............

The Ann Sullivan Association is an educational organization nonprofit founded in Peru in 1979 by Liliana Mayo, Ph.D., to serve the community of people with different skills (such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or delayed development) and their families. Our own Matthiesen supported TiNi \"Land of Hope\" has helped place children to connect with themselves and with nature.


 In 2009, ANIA recognized the work of 10 children nationwide in the TiNi program, as symbols of hope for their commitment and love of nature. This video tells the story of Zinnia Gomero, one of the girls.

These videos tells the story of TiNi Chavin de Huantar in Huaraz in the highlands of Peru. This is one of the most important experiences of ANIA.




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2015 The Childrens Lands - Sonene news10-Jun-2015

Fifteen years ago the Sonene project in the Madre de Dios region of Amazonia [Peru] was our first attempt at an eco project with ANIA and Joaquin Leguia our Lima associate. The money we provided was the seed money for four projects two of which have evolved down the years. We produced later nutritional guide books, a local knowledge medical handbook and a three volume guide, later upload to open access on line, as to how to set up and run a childrens land. in the interim the ideal has persevered and multiplied, been awarded prizes and has been officially recognised by UNESCO.

I am delighted to attach here a link to a YouTube video dedicated to Sonene and Boca Amigo, our earliest projects. There have been many more since and this year we are embarking on three new ones.


To see the video paste this liknk into your browser:

The Iquitos Project Childrens Land Amazonia update08-Nov-2014


The Iquitos project modelled on the plans established over the last 14 years which have won a UNESCO seal of approval is already a huge success although only conceived early this year.  Run in conjunction with CREA and ANIA and financed by The Matthiesen Foundation it is receiving 20,000 visitors annually and 8000 school children. The attached photos illustrate the project. We have already cloned a smaller sister project a half hour away. A children´s forest has been created in an Kukama native community, called Puerto Prado, located in Nauta, one an half hour south of Iquitos). The children´s forest extends over 12 hectares of rainforest and more than 20 children and their families actively participate in it (90% of the community) .

The community has created a private conservation area in 100 hectares of their territory and they consider of vital importance the children´s forest “because it is the place where our children will learn how to manage our natural resources in a way that benefits us and nature”


The projects are linked to the CREA project. to protect and save the threatened Amazon river manatee. Rescued manatees will be released after treatment in conjunction with the children at the Iquitos Childrens land site.

To view the images click on the PDF symbol below left

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The early wheel window at St Mary\'s Patrixbourne c.1170-9006-Sep-2014

The project to restore the early wheel window and nineteenth century glass has now been completed as can be seen in the attached photos. The project was sponsored by The Matthiesen Foundation in memory of the late Olga Matthiesen states: This church is well-known because of its fine late 12th century south doorway under an unusual contemporary south tower-porch. There is also a fine wheel-window in the east gable of the chancel of the same date, as is the chancel arch and other windows in the chancel.

A full description of the church may be found on line at

Canon Jonathan LLoyd has arranged a thanksgiving service for the completion of this project at this time. The Dean of Canterbury Cathedral has been invited to preach on 21st September at 6pm.

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Seventh Midsummer Classical Concert in SS. Trinita, Borgo Rollo, Andora, Liguria, Italy11-Jul-2014

You are cordially invited to attend a concert of Baroque music 1700-1740 from Vivaldi to Bach at the baroque church of the SS Trinita in the mediaevil village of Rollo, above Andora in Liguria, Italy. This is the seventh concert arranged by the Foundation.

The concert raises money destined this year for orphans in South Sudan and Syria who have lost their homes and parents due to the current warfare. Funds will be distributed through Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Click on the accompanying image to see the programme. The concert is on 26th July at 21.15.

New Amazon Manatee rescue programme and Childrens Forest Project29-Apr-2014

The Foundation is continuing its UNESCO recognised co-sponsorship programme with ANIA this time in Iquitos in the Amazon basin. A Childens Forest project will be initiated combined with the CREA sponsored Amazon Manatee Rescue Programme already in existence since 2008 and which is run with recognition from the Dallas Zoo and other environmental bodies. The educational programme is expected to host up to 25,000 visitors many of them children. A plot of about 1 1/2 acres will be dedicated to this project which will include the classic Childrens Forest aims of instilling conservation, environmental knowledge, recycling etc with turtle and otter conservation and above all a rescue centre for the endangered AMAZON MANATEE, a smaller cousin to the Gulf of Florida manatee. These friendly animals which graze on weed are hunted by some Indios villagers for food, captured as pets and injured by river traffic.

\'Today, it\'s among the most endangered marine mammals in South America, classified as Vulnerable (VU A1cd) on the 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Illegal hunting is considered to be the main threat to the survival of this specie both for subsistence and commercial hunters - the use of harpoons is the most widespread technique for hunting.
In dry season, when water recedes, they become stranded in lakes, an easy prey for hunters.

Other threats include incidental capture in commercial (gill) nets, degradation of food supplies by soil erosion due to deforestation and other environmental impacts such as drought.

It\'s prohibited to hunt the Amazonian manatee since 1972.\'

For furthur information on river manatees  please paste these links into your browser|:


It is hoped that the initial plot will be extended by up to two hectares to include a natural deep water pond. Rescued manatees are rehabilitated, pampered until fit, even bottle fed and subsequently released into the Amazon

To see full details of the manatee rescue project click on the PDF symbol below





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Work starts at Patrixbourne, Kent29-Apr-2014

Work has finally started on the restoration and conservation of the early Romanesque wheel window sponsored by this foundation in conjuncrion with Orbis Pictus Trust. To see details of the programme of repair at St. Mary\'s please click the PDF symbol below.

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Wide Publicity for The Childrens lands15-Nov-2013

The biggest media company in Peru, El Commercio, owner of newspapers and TV channels is to publicise The Childrens Lands projects sponsored by ANIA in conjunction with The Matthiesen Foundation thereby reaching a regional population of ten million.

St Mary\'s, Patrixbourne, Kent27-Oct-2013

The Foundation was instrumental in raising funds and making a donation for the conservation of the wheel window which is among the earliest in Britain. The work has now commenced. The attached photo shows the window before conservation.

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Photo update on the Santa cruz project23-Oct-2013

The attached pdf will give an idea of the significant progress at the Santa Cruz site where a large group of children are fully engaged.

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Update on the Botanical Gardens in Lima Project23-Oct-2013

Early this year in association with ANIA and JP Morgan we funded an educational programme at the Botanical Gardens in Lima, the oldest in S.America, which receives 60,000 visitors a year.

The exhibit was to educate the public on the environmental and educational benefits of the Childrens Lands projects we have been associated with for 13 years and which put children in direct contact with nature. Much has been written about this on this site and the project idea is now backed with UNESCO approval. We have now launched an educational brochure for the kids for use both in an urban and country environment. A copy of the flora and fauna brochure is attached hereto and may be opened by clicking the PDF symbol

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Donations update for the year 2013-201426-May-2013

The Foundation has made grants to a variety of charities including London Southbank  Sinfonia; English National Opera to increase the awareness of opera among children; The Otter Trust; Conservation of the Romanesque Church of St Mary's in Patrixbourne, Kent; restoration of the organ at St George's Hanover Square; Harrow School Development Trust for a sculpture court; The Pantin Library, Oxford; International Refugee Trust towards the rebuilding of a nursery school in the South Sudan; Listening Books, The Courtauld Institute of Art and other projects. The Foundation also engaged in sponsorship of the exhibition Nash, Nevinson,Spencer, Gertler, Carrington. Bomberg: A Crisis of Brilliance 1908-1922 at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Santa Cruz, Peru - The Childrens Land update 201306-May-2013

The attached pdf shows the huge strides that have been achieved with this project in the desert in southern Peru which has become a showpiece linked to our current project at the Botanical Gardens in Lima. A small stand of threatened Huarango trees is being preserved and the children are enjoying their contact with nature causing the desert to bloom. The project has been so successful that the director of the local school reports that as a result of our project with ANIA the number of pupils attending the school has risen from 500 to 700. The smiles on the childrens faces tell the whole story. A supply of clean fresh water has been constructed as can be seen in the accompanying photo.

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The Lima Botanical Gardens Project21-Apr-2013

The second phase of this project which is designed to raise the awareness of children in Peru to the problems of ecology and conservation has just been completed. A fuller report will be posted shortly.

The Children's Lands concept has just been adopted by the Six nations of The Grand River in Canada and is undergoing evaluation.

The Foundation is partially sponsoring a new publication recounting the story of ANIA, the cartoon figure that illustrates the three instruction manuals. The Peruvian Ministry of Education has undertaken to circulate 127,000 copies to all classrooms once this is completed in June 2013.

Open access to the online manuals for The Childrens Lands27-Dec-2012

Owing to a reorganisation of websites the new link for the open access to The Childrens Lands instruction manuals in 3 volumes in English, Spanish and Portuguese now is

Lima: A New Project for the Natural History Museum - UPDATE31-Oct-2012

The Foundation sugggested to the natural history museum and ANIA that this project should be linked to our Ica project and to the promotion of interest in the fate of the Huarango tree. we suggested that an area be dedicated to a live exhibit of huarango in a micro environment and this idea has been accepted as well as the link to Ica.

View PDF

The Childrens Lands Didactic Pavillion at Lima Botanical Gardens21-Oct-2012

A proposal is being examined to contribute to sponsorship of this project that will be viewed by 70000 visitors a year. Full details of the outline proposal are in the attached PDF

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Music Sponsorship+ - The Organ at St Mark\'s, Hamilton Terrace, London, NW821-Oct-2012

The Foundation remains committed to the restoration of the organ at St. Mark\'s Church. This was moved in the early 1950s from the chancel to the back of the church and has not had serious maintenance since. Aidan Platten, the vicar, has done wonders in renewing seals and cleaning out accumulated detritus which has made a huge difference. However, the organ needs a couple of hundred thousand for a full rebuild to its former glory. This Foundation has been involved in fund raising and as a result new humidifiers have been installed which have already made a difference. The church has found money to renew and restore two draw boxes and this Foundation will provide the wherewithall for renewal of the third box to take care of the remaining fifty per cent of the organ. Donations towards the Organ Appeal should be sent to Aidan at the Vicarage.

\'St Mark\'s Hamilton Terrace first had a pipe organ installed on the west gallery in the 1850\'s by the Organ Builders Gray and Davison. 

When the Chancel was enlarged in the 1870\'s J.W. Walker and Sons was commissioned to rebuild and enlarge the instrument to a design by Frederick Bridge the then Assistant Organist of Westminster Abbey. 

With changing fashions, that organ was removed from the North Transept and rebuilt and enlarged in two cases at the west end of the church in 1950 again by J.W. Walker and Sons. It was reputed by many as one of the finest instruments in London. 


It is designed in such a way that an organist is able to play both baroque and romantic music convincingly. It is also powerful enough to lead a congregation of 900 and to accompany choral services with ease. 

This instrument is now in need of a rebuild through both age and also through an unreliable church roof. 

It remains an instrument that is exciting both to play and to hear. \'


The Billy Pantin Library, Oriel College, Oxford19-Oct-2012

The Foundation has made a gift towards the raising of £100,000 for the expansion of the College Library to be renamed The Pantin Library in honour of the late Prof. Billy Pantin, Professor of Mediaevil History. In addition the Foundation has raised a further sum of £18,000 from independent charitable sources.

UNESCO Official Recognition for The Childrens Lands Projects02-Jun-2012

The Division of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development of UNESCO has officially recognised The Childrens Lands projects as 'an official activity within the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. This is a quite timely initiative and helps in promoting a new vision of a more just and sustainable world. It offers a very creative way to get key sustainability messages to children and young adults, and to exchange ideas around sustainability issues'. The projects are  fully in line with the objectives and priorities set out by the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD, 2005-2014), co-ordinated by UNESCO.

This is a great step forward and will make diversification into additional countries easier. It will also help fund raising. The Matthiesen Foundation is proud to have provided the seed money for four original schemes in the Tambopata Rain Forest Reserve in Peru 2000-2001 and to have worked on successive schemes and multiple publications since then with Joaquin Leguia and ANIA. The letter and authorisation to use their logo is contained within the accompanying PDF.

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Childrens Lands manuals \'sell out\'!25-Feb-2012

Such has been the popularity of the Spanish edition of the three instruction manuals for forming a Childrens Land project that the first edition has sold out. The Foundation has therefore decided to sponsor a reprint of 500 copies of each of the thre manuals in march 2012.

The Childrens Lands/Forest/Mountain - instruction manuals free on line25-Dec-2011

As announced in October 2010 it was our intention to place the Instruction Manuals in open format on line for anyone to upload . The manuals have now been perfected illustrated with cartoons using the ANIA cartoon personality to promote 'greeness'. The manuals themselves (3 of them) are too large for this site so I am posting the direct links so that anyone worldwide can download the 'open' manuals for this UNESCO approved project now adopted also in 5 countries. More are considering it.

I would like to record here my thanks to Joaquin Leguia of ANIA who has been the driving force for this project and many others we have sponsored over the last eleven years. The Manuals are avialable in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Manual 1
Manual 2
Manual 3


Christmas at Santa Cruz Peru24-Dec-2011

The Foundation received its best ever Christmas present - a letter signed by all the children at the Santa Cruz project thanking for their Magic Forest, the fresh water well, the planting and all the other things apertaining to the project. The smiles of the children say it all.............

Enlarge the photo and click on the PDF letters to read the letter.

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Grants to the Arts11-Sep-2011

In the summer of 2011 the Foundation made a grant for educational fees to a promising Spanish cellist at the Guildhall School of Music. The Foundation also made a grant towards the publication of a catalogue raisonne on Goltzius by Larry Nichols due to be published in 2012 by Davico in the Netherlands.

Latest images from Santa Cruz, Peru Children\'s land project06-Aug-2011

Please open the attached PDF to see the progress on the site of this project and scroll down to the second page.

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Chambomontera Micro Hydro Electric Scheme update June 201113-Jun-2011

The scheme has been up an running for four months now since reconstruction. The following message was received on June 13th:-

Dear Patrick and Warwick


To communicate with great joy that after 4 months of interrupted operation of the micro hydro scheme of Chambamontera.


This ceremony has been organized with the people and authorities of the Municipality of Jaen, hoping it will be an important moment for the community and evidence that things are going well.


It is also necessary to say that after this ceremony, Will sign the transfer documents of the operation and management of the micro hydro scheme to the company formed in the community and to the supervision of local authorities began the period in which Practical Action only support in a specific way, as we consider important to be exercising their autonomy in the management of micro hydro scheme.

I share the press release prepared for dissemination at regional newspapers and TV.

And I will report on events





Santa Cruz infrastructure update05-May-2011

By May 2011 much of the groundworks to the children's enclosure had been completed including the new freshwater tank and ground tank. Please see the attached PDF for illustrations.

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Childrens Lands - Santa Cruz, Ica PERU30-Apr-2011

In order to see the scope of the new project please click on the PDF link below for a full expose in Spanish

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The Childrens Lands - A new project at Sta. Cruz, Ica, Peru30-Apr-2011

The success of the previous projects, the adoptation of the scheme in several other countries worldwide and the success of the multi-lingual manuals has led the Foundation to back what promises to be a new show project in tandem with the Orbis Pictus Trust. The scheme after extensive planning with Joaquin Leguia was commenced early in 2011 and should be complete by this summer. This scheme will bring improved play and education facilities to highly impverished children, will teach them to preserve the environment, will provide clean water and latrines and at the same time will adopt and maintain and replant a small grove of the threatened Huarango trees. The childrens play centre may be constructed of recycled plastic bottles covered in adobe and whitewashed as an ecological and highly efficient ecological and thermal solution. To see more about the Huarango click the PDF link

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Chambomontera march 2011 update and progress report20-Apr-2011
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Chambomontera Micro Hydro Electric February 2011 update25-Feb-2011

I am delighted at long last to announce that as of mid-February the totally rebuilt and re-installed electrical scheme in Chambomontera and El Eden is up and running between the hours of 5pm and 11pm Mondays to Fridays and 10am to 11pm at weekends. The whole system was rebuilt and upgraded to three phase with new transformers, generator, controller, pilons and wiring in fact everything except the original hydro electric generation hardware and groundworks. For a full and detailed reports with photos please open the PDF by clicking the symbol.

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The English on line manual for The Childrens lands16-Oct-2010

We are pleased to announce that the English language version has now been completed and may be viewed at :

The Portuguese version will follow shortly after. When these are completed all the versions will be loaded onto this website and will be accessable worldwide.

Part one of the Spanish Language manual for The Childrens Lands is on line07-Sep-2010

The Spanish language version of the instruction manuals for managing a Childrens Lands project are now on line and will shortly be followed by English and Portuguese language versions. This Foundation is proud to have sponsored this project.

For a sight of the first part of the Spanish language edition please click the PDF link below.

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Donation to The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge07-Aug-2010

The Foundation has made a small donation to the Museum to assist in the purchase of Hendrik Terbrugghen\'s Lute Player.

Chambomontera & El Eden update August 201007-Aug-2010

Project management in Peru has now been taken over by Rafael Escobar of Soluciones Praticas and on August 3rd he visited Jaen and Cajamarca to prepare the team for the total replacement and upgrade of the electrical infrastructure and equipment from single phase to triple phase. This requires an all new transmission line, switchgear, controller, generator and transformers and auto reset fuses as well as lightning conductors. As a result of an independent inquiry and report favoured by Practical Action in London ALL the recommendations made by this Foundation in multiple reports over the last eighteen months will now be carried out. The costs is estimated at about $19000 and this Foundation will make a further grant of up to £3500 with the proviso that the equipment must first be proven to run fault free for a minimum of 6 months. A report will follow after  installation and testing and commissioning in the presence of Patrick Matthiesen.

2010 End of Summer Concert in Rollo di Andora29-Jun-2010

The fifth edition of the Foundations End of Summer Concert series (Concerto di Fine d\'Estate) will take place in Rollo di Andora, 17051 SV, Italy on August 25th 2010. The concert will take place in the open air in the centre of this baroque village surrounded by olive groves. The performers are drawn from RAM and the Guildhall School of Music in London. For full details of the programme of English Music 1670-2009 please click on the PDF symbol below/

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New Children\'s Lands Projects in the Cuzco region29-Jun-2010

Since a planned project in northern Brazil appears to have been taken over by regional funding the Matthiesen Foundation will instead examine collaborating with ANIA on two new projects in the impoverished Cuzco region of Peru and in Ica in the southern desert. One site was flooded by unusually heavy torrential rain and the other was affected by a strong earthquake three years ago.  Both areas have been affected by earthquakes. The concept will follow established lines encouraging children to conserve nature, increase green spaces locally in urban areas and slums and to create a Childrens Land near the school where they can learn to nurture nature and have a dedicated play area while at the same time addressing issues of clean water, latrine sanitation and nutrition. For an illustration of a TINI project nearby click on the PDF symbol below

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Publication of the Manuals for The Childrens Lands23-Jun-2010

The manuals in English and Spanish in PDF format are about to be released. They are almost double as long as originally conceived and so this Foundation is allocating further funds to complete the Portuguese version.

To see two test pages from the Spanish manual click on the PDF symbol below.

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Chambomontera -The Indepent Electrical Report13-Jun-2010

An independent technical teport was commissioned from an expert at ENSER to assess the recurring problems with the installation to Chambomontera. The line to El Eden is working satisfactorily. The visit was made on 5th of May, 2010.  The visit was made by Mr. José Gaytán and Technician José Cieza, in the presence of the Town Mayor, José Quispe Pérez. The results largely supported the conclusions reached by the two reports made by this Foundation. To read the report click the PDF symbol.



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The Childrens Lands Instruction Manuals - update09-Jun-2010

Work on the new manuals which will be accessable over the internet continue and that translated into English is now almost complete. The Manuals will be in three volumns:

1. Starting a Children’s land

2. Nurturing life and biodiversity in the children lands

3. Adults role in sustaining and replicating children’s lands

 The Portuguese and Spanish versions will follow soon.

Yet again total power failure at Chambomonter30-Apr-2010

The lighting grid at Chambomontera has failed yet again. After some insistence a report was made available from Soluciones Practicas which may be read in the PDF attached below. This Foundation has used all available means to ensure that the entire system is overhauled, re-installed and that recommendations originally issued over a year ago are now afhered to. The conclusions of this Foundation have been submitted and are also attached in the PDF.

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Chambomontera- back up and running01-Mar-2010

After several months of diappointments and setbacks the Chambomontera Micro Hydro project is back on line and both villages at Chambomontera are receiving electricity and a connection to TV for the first time. Problems with the geology, return path current, and the infrastructure have been resolved and the transformers replaced for the second time.. A further set back in Febriary was caused by the Soluciones Praticos team of engineers having a road accident on their way to the site in heavy rain and the car turning upside down. Fortuneately no one was injured. There remains a programme to train the villagers in the proper long term use of the equipment as ignorance was leading to misuse and consequent breakdowns.

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The Lights are off AGAIN at Chambomontera17-Jan-2010

In December the revisions and upgrade to the infrastructure resulted in power to both El Eden and Chambomontera. Whereas the smaller El Eden sector continued to work satisfactorily, shoddy and unsupervised or guided installation in the village houses in Chambomontera resulted in a series of short circuits and overloads which damaged the transformers and supply failed. This had all been forseen in February 2009 by this Foundation and reported on. The transformers have again been returned to Lima for repair. It is our understanding that full rectification of the problems has been given the highest priority by Soluciones Praticas and a team of engineers has been dispatched to carry out our recommendations:

1/ Inspection of the installation within the village houses one by one for incorrect wiring practices.

2/A fuse circuit at each house by the meter.

3/ 100 ah breaker switches to protect the generator and tranformers by sector.

4/ Lightning grounds.

All other techinical problems have already been resolved

The supply failure has caused unrest in Chambomontera and envy due to the uninterupted suppy to El Eden with the result that malicious damage has been caused by persons unknown to the penstock disrupting the supply of water from the forebay tank to the turbine, thus shutting down the entire system and depriving the 60 residents at El Eden of supply. Obviously this action has grave sociological consequences that require immediate redress.

The Lights are on at Chambomontera and El Eden12-Dec-2009

On December 11th 2009 the electricity supply to the two villages was finally reconnected and switched on. View the PDF below clicking on PDF to see the new transformers carried down the mountain, being installed and the lights on at last. The problem had been with the original tranformers which were faulty and wrongly calibrated. This, in addition to the poor SWER earthing, caused the generator to burn out.  A rebuilt generator and new equipment have at last resolved 10 months of problems. At the same time the earth grounds were doubled and sunk to a deeper depth. A suervisor is training the local operator for one month after which the system will be solely managed by the villagers. At the same time the TV antenna in the main square, which was a gift of the government some 10 years ago, has been connected to the supply. Clear reception was achieved by the one TV set in the village. Enquiries are now being made to persuade the government ministry to supply a satellite dish link to the internet. Chambomontera and El Eden will never be the same!

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Peru Update - Chambomontera and ANIA26-Nov-2009

The Foundation has underwritten the costs of having the ANIA manual forThe Children's Lands translated and diffused into English and Portuguese for use in Brazil and countries beyond Spanish speaking Latin America. The manual will be fully illustrated with cartoons based on the ANIA character made popular in the Peruvian national press. In February 2))9 Patrick Matthiesen visited Childrens Lands in the desert in Ica and in the barios of San Juan de Miraflores outside Lima an area of considerable poverty and there he met Claudia Hernandez. To view Claudia and other kids who have rediscovered  the pleasure of creating Children's Lands and a sensibility to preserve the planet from further contamination while safeguarding nature please view the following short films:

 Marco Zapata Chunga - Paita, Ica:
-Claudia Hernández .-San Juan de Miraflores, Lima:
-Jean Carlos Pumachara . Huacarpay, Cusco: 
-Valeria Arroyo, Barranco, Lima:
- Alexandra Holguín Ísmodes - Cusco:
- Luis Fernando Huarcaya - Ollantaytambo, Cusco:
- Zinnia Gomero Rodríguez - Chavín de Huántar, Ancash:
- Richard Tello Ascencio, Santa Vicenta, Ica:

It is reported that the Chambomontera/El Eden Micro Hydro Electric project has met with further difficulties and delay and still now at the date of writing is not on stream. The construction deficiencies and safeguards to the power house were largely , though not completely, addressed and rectified in the early summer following repeated representations and the presentation of designs by this foundation. However, first the generator proved defective and had to be returned to Lima to be rebuilt. Then there were a series of failures in the installation which have resulted in the population not receiving the electricity supply promised in January. This clearly has resulted in mounting dissatisfaction among the local populace. Two outside technicians gave differing assessments as to the problems. It appears the two transformers were substandard and have been returned to the manufacturer in Lima and ar being replaced with new by the end of November. A further analysis showed that there was very high resistance to the SWER earth return circuit (approx 50 ohms) and that in consequence the stability of transmission was failing and overloading the transformer circuit. this was not the case in the link to El Eden which was closer to the generator. At the Foundation's recommendation multiple earthing points (3) at the generation end and at the Chambomontera end are being installed with rods sunk to a depth of two metres. Each grounding point is interlinked by aereal cable. If the ground reaches close to the water table this should solve the problem.

Two brand new transformers have been ordered. One has completed test analysis the other will be tested next week. it is planned that both will be installed under the supervision of Celso Davila on December 2-3 and all works should be complete by December 11. In addition certain civil works aimed to protect the generator house from flooding and landslide mainly relating to the construction of a cement butress wall and drainage will also be completed under the supervision of Rafael Escobar and Gilberto Villanueva from Jaen.

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Concerts at the National Gallery , London in Room 3028-Oct-2009

On October 23rd following the openings of the Spanish Exhibitions of Sculpture The Mystery of Faith at The Matthiesen Gallery and The Sacred Made Real at the National Gallery, the Foundation sponsored a concert by the Polish soprano Jolanta Kowalska, winner of the Foundation sponsored London Bach Society Singing Prize in 2008. The performance included works by Henri de Bailly, Matias Veana , Jose Asturiano, Joaquin Rodrigo, Manuel Ponce and Fernando Obradors. Jolanta was accompanied by  Tiago da Neta on the guitar and theorbae, Oskar Varninghe on the baroque guitar and Craig White on the piano.   

On December 11th the Foundation will sponsor a second recital with the renowned Spanish mezzo soprano Clara Mouriz who will sing Spanish music from the baroque to the twentieth century

Chambomontera update May 200905-May-2009

Progress in completing the Chambomontera project remains slow. Rain water drainage ditches have been dug laterally alongside the powerhouse and await completion and an improved access path has been dug to ameliorate access for the operator. However, the retaining wall protecting the building against flooding and landslide from the steeply sloping ground above and the completion of the walkway and land consolodation as well as the rendering of the exterior still awaits competion some three months after the scheme as announced as completed. In addition it is regretted that the generator has twice broken down due to manufacturing defects and has had to be returned by Soluciones Praticos to Lima fo repair. Since the villagers are now complaining about the lack of electricity supply which they had believed was in their gift quite some time ago this Foundation which sponsored the scheme trusts that this situation will be rapidly rectified.

In addition no start has as yet been made on the small extension of the electricity supply scheme to El Eden which this Foundation funded in February. The attached document shows the limited progress so far.

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Chambomontera Electricity Project is Commissioned and extended February 200911-Feb-2009

Patrick Matthiesen visited Chambomontera in Jaen Province, Peru in February 2009 on behalf of the Matthiesen Foundation and the Orbis Pictus Foundation and together with Practical Action. On February 1st the ribbon was cut, a bottle of Asti Spumanti smashed, the water valves turned on, and hey, an electric lamp glowed as 240 volt electricity flowed from the turbine and generator. About 40 out of 50 houses in the pueblo have been connected, the others will follow by the month´s end. This hydro electric scheme was specifically mentioned in the prestigous award of the UNESCO Sasekawa prize to Practical Action for their promotion over previous years of over 50 similarly sponsored schemes in Peru alone. The Foundation felt that there were some notable technical and security issues that required addressing before it was wholly satisfied and it is hoped that the technicians from Practical Action in Peru will oversee these before the end of March. Photos of the damn, sand bay, spillway and generator house well as of the village and opening ceremony  may be seen in a slide strip if you go to the MENU on the right side of this page  and access PROJECTS. Click the arrow to slide through the photos which enlarge if you click on them  

While at the site Patrick Matthiesen noted that the hamlet of El Eden was located less than half a kilometer from the generator and transformer. After some local discussions between the two pueblos the Foundation offered to extend the project by carrying the transmission line into El Eden and providing the ten houses there with meters and connections. A calculation showed the the additional three KW load  could just be accomodated. It is hoped that the Foundation may be able to impose more strict and modern connection and wiring parameters in accordance with modern practice and that the inhabitants may be provided with an illustrated safety guide. The Foundation proposes to contact a US supplier regarding the practicability of using high technology LED bulbs to reduce the load. The commissioning of the Chambomentora project means that appoximately three hundred people in isolated communities will receive electricity for the first time. The Foundation also hopes to fund a transformer and connection to the currently defunct solar powered local TV aerial so that the school may be able to receive TV for educational purposes.

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The Childrens Lands -Tierras de Los Ninos - A New Manual11-Feb-2009

This Foundation sponsored a 1000 copy edition of the manual for The Childrens Forest in 2007. Since that time the scope of these environmental projects intiating children in respect and care for the environment from an age as young as 18 months has been extended. The project has now been renamed Tierras de Los Ninos or The Childrens Lands.  This is because the schemes, which have now extended to Bolivia and Brazil as well as Peru, and shortly to Mount Fuji in Japan, are no longer limited to the Amazon Forest, but encompass lakes, mountain areas and desert dunes as well. Most recently Joaquin Leguia, the founder of ANIA, has extended the concept to small parcels of urban land as well, a notedly advanced concept and one that it is hoped will allow these areas to be registered as 'green spaces' by the authorities in perpetuity. Patrick Matthiesen visited two new projects in Santiago District of the Ica Desert in February 2009 and photos are appended in the PDF (please click the PDF symbol below to view). In view of these extensive developments this Foundation will fund a new and amplified edition of the guidance manual for the propogation of these schemes during the course of 2009. The manual will also include a short section dedicated to handicapped and paraplegic children.

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Funding of the Arts12-Jan-2009

Once again the Foundation returns to The Arts. In association with Coll & Cortes in Madrid we will sponsor the costs of creating a didactic teaching tool to illustrate how Spanish seventeenth century polychrome sculpture was made. A bust of a saint has been commissioned from a carver in Spain showing a work in various stages of preparation. This will be placed adjacent to the real original object by Gijon in the National Gallery\'s forthcoming autumn show on Spanish Polychrome Wood Sculpture iand its relationship to Spanish Painting of the same era. The exhibit will be in Room 1.

The Foundation also made two small donations to the Titian Appeal.

London Bach Society Singing Competition Prize update10-Nov-2008

The competition took place during the first week of November and there were 45 contestants  most of whom were international from Germany, Portugal, POLand and the USA among others. The Semi Finals took place at St. George\'s, Hanover Square on November 5th with 10 contestants who had to sing extracts from a Bach  Passion, a recitative and an aria. Four singers made it to the finals on November 7th and they were from the UK, Poland, Portugal and the USA. The end result was close between the American counter tenor and the eventual winner, Miss Jolanta Kowalska who not only had a purity of voice but the presence to bring the music alive and those present were enchanted by her rendering of   the aria Ei! Wie chmeckt der Coffee from MWV 211 The Coffee Cantata.

This Foundation was delighted to present the prize it had sponsored to LBS (see below under News for May 9th). See the PDF below by clicking PDF

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Paraplegic and Handicapped Children & The Children's Forest 2008-906-Nov-2008

The Foundation has decided to underwrite the costs of producing with ANIA an instruction manual in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The fully illustrated manual will make it easier for organisations to clone the idea for the benefit of handicapped children. This decision was taken as a result of the enthusiastic reception of the programme by the families involved in the pilot scheme. (see the PDF report further down this news page under 09 May 2008). The manual will follow the format of earlier manuals sponsored by this organisation for The Children's Forest, Medecinal Plants and Alimentation.

Update September 2008 on the Children's Forest projects and the Chambamontera Micro Hydro Scheme17-Sep-2008

The project for handicapped and paraplegic children  for which this Foundation seeded the pilot project is now in full swing and encompasses many different aspects. We are pleased to attach in PDF form a full report with photographs. At the same time we can report that the Chambomontera Micto Hydro scheme in conjunction with Practical Action and the Orbis Pictus Trust is planned to come on stream in January 2009 and the Foundation will be present at the commissioning. The scheme has now been upgraded to 20KW and this together with the supply of control equipment from America and Canada will allow for a sufficiently constant voltage for the villagers to be supplied with modern low energy bulbs. The advantage here is that instead of being limited to one 100w bulb thay may have three 18w bulbs per household and still have sufficient reserve energy supply for small household items like a sewing machine or Radio.

Click on the PDF symbol below to read the fully illustrated report

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Charity Concerts in Italy - update07-Sep-2008

The two concerts were held on August 30th in Rollo di Andora and on September 5th at the Cesare Augusto in Anacapri.

The former concert was sold out with a full house. and lasted from 1915 to almost midnight with an interval with a buffet  of haute cuisine based on a menu derived from citations of food and wine in operatic arias. Four members of the La Scala music school participated along with Albina Stulpinaite, pianist and Suzanne Thorn, oboe. A programme is attached in the PDF below

The Anacapri concert was held in front of a small invited audience which included Vladimir Ashkanazy.

Proceeds from the two charity concerts are destined for medici Senza Frontiere and Children's Schools in Zimbabwe.

ANDORA - località Borgo Rollo – 30 Agosto 2008

Rollo è un piccolo borgo sul promontorio di Capo Mimosa, sopra Andora Marina, in Liguria  E’ fatto di vicoli silenziosi, ci sono la Chiesa antica, le case, gli uliveti. Si percepiscono i ricordi di vecchie storie, si sente il vento dalle finestre, si guarda l’orizzonte del mare dalle terrazze bianche e luminose di sole. Gli uliveti sono intorno, carichi di caldo e di cicale durante l’estate e generosi d’olive nella stagione invernale.


Il prossimo 30 agosto a Rollo ci sarà la terza edizione del


L’Evento è organizzato  dalla Fondazione Matthiesen e da Gruppo Rollo con la collaborazione del Comune di Andora ed è a favore di MEDICI SENZA FRONTIERE  e degli  orfanotrofi dello Zimbabwe. Hanno collaborato anche la Fondazione Nova Verba , Aimeri Ambiente e l’Istituto Aristea.


Un concerto è un’occasione in cui molte persone si incontrano, per ascoltare in sintonia l’armonia delle note, i creati musicali e le parole esaltate nel canto. Un momento in cui l’ascolto diventa univoco, ma la percezione si insinua negli animi, si aggancia sui ricordi, si abbrevia negli sguardi e si accomuna in un unico sentire. 

L’essere insieme per la musica significa anche dedicare  un pensiero al borgo, al nostro borgo che è abitato da persone semplici e speciali.  Per la Festa delle erbe che si svolge qui a Rollo durante il mese di giugno da ormai nove anni, il borgo si è dato il compito di : 

 “ rinnovare il richiamo culturale delle attività legate alla terra e diffondere attraverso le giornate della “Festa delle erbe” il valore del mercato agricolo e del prodotto verde “  ma nulla di più  normale che legare i pensieri sulla natura alla musica. Per questo da tre anni è nata l’idea del  “Concerto di fine estate”

La stagione estiva è un periodo straordinario per il borgo, che si ripopola magicamente e poi ritorna alla normalità  con  la  conclusione dell’estate. La musica entra nel cuore delle persone e vi rimane a  lungo, a volte per tutta la vita ed è per questo che noi del borgo di Rollo abbiamo scelto il momento della fine dell’estate per lasciare un saluto speciale alle persone, un saluto caloroso e duraturo, accompagnato da un’ opera di solidarietà per le sofferenze  nel mondo, dedicando tutto il  ricavato del “Concerto di fine estate” alle opere di Medici Senza Frontiere. 

Il “biglietto – offerta” prevede un minimo di contributo di “euro 20” e comprende la prima parte del concerto dalle ore 19 alle ore 20, poi l’intermezzo con la “cena d’opera”, straordinaria novità della serata, e infine la seconda parte del concerto dalle 21,30. Molto attesa la partecipazione di  giovani musicisti internazionali e dei cantanti lirici della Scuola Musicale della Scala di Milano che interpreteranno famose arie d’opera. 

Per informazioni  e prenotazioni :

Associazione Gruppo Rollo  tel. 335 6368294

IAT  di Andora    tel. 0182 681004



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Micro hydro in Peru - update September 08 200807-Sep-2008

As a result of several suggestions made by this foundation the project under way in northern Peru has now been upgraded to provide 20MW which is deemed sufficient for developments over the next decade. The spillways are under construction after severe delays and the operation is planned to come on line in January 2009. A full report is attached and can be accessed by opening the PDF below

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United Nations Environmental Agency Award10-Jun-2008

The United Nations has awarded Practical Action the prestigous Sasakawa Prize for its work in promoting Micro Hydro Electric schemes in the northern Peruvian Andes for under priviledged villages. 'Practical Action, founded in 1966, is working in Peru's eastern Andes where 68 per cent of the population - around 5 million people - do not have access to electricity. The project makes use of the region's vast potential for hydroelectricity: to date, 47 micro-hydro schemes have been installed in the area through Practical Action, bringing clean power to about 30,000 people.

Through this project, Practical Action is also boosting local industry, as most of the turbines are manufactured by small companies in Peru to Practical Action designs ? with each company making three or four turbines a year. Practical Action says it sees local manufacture as a key step towards widespread use of renewable energy.

The electricity supply is boosting the development of the remote communities. Previously, people moved away to start businesses in places where the infrastructure was better, but the electricity from the micro-hydro schemes has brought them back. Some villages have doubled in size, with people returning and others starting or expanding businesses including restaurants, bakeries, furniture makers, welders and internet cafes.

The Matthiesen Foundation is proud to co-sponsor an award winning scheme at Chambomontera.

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General news of 2008 activities27-May-2008

Early in 2008 the Foundation acquired an Albrecht Forster grand piano to better support the activities and practice of the musician currently sponsored for her development at The Royal Academy of Music.

In June 2008 the Foundation investigated the costing for the replacement of the central heating boiler at St.Mark\'s Parish Church, Hamilton Terrace, London, NW8 and in association with Global Air both made recommendations and a grant towards the new installation.

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A Micro Hydro Electric power Project in Peru12-May-2008

In 2007 the Foundation entered an agreement with Practical Action a registered UK public charity, to build a micro hydro electric plant at Chambomontera in northern Peru close to Ecuador. This is a joint scheme with the Orbis Pictus Foundation. Works commenced late in April 2008 due to bad weather and are due for completion in September this year. A remote village of some 100 souls and the surrounding population will have access to limited electric power, battery recharging facilities and a small industrial plant for the first time. Full details are given in the attached PDF...

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The Foundation sponsors the 2008 London Bach Society Singing Prize09-May-2008

The Foundation has opted to sponsor the london Bach society 2008 singing competition and a prize of £2000. this is an important event in the musical calender and more news will be posted later. For information about the LBS click on the PDF symbol below.

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Third Charity Concert August 30th 2008 - Rollo di Andora, Liguria 09-May-2008

The Foundation is sponsoring its third Concerto di Fine d'Estate in Rollo di Andora on behalf of Medecins Sans Frontieres and Children's Homes in Zimbabwe ( for orphans. This year the concert has turned into a 3 hour musical marathon with an interval with wine and refreshments. The first half will see Albina Stulpinaite performing Rachmaninov and together with Suzie Thorn on the oboe, Bach and Debussy etc. After the interval the star pupils of the La Scala Music School at la Scala will perform arias from Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Leoncavallo, Catalani and Puccini. All funds raised from tickets and contributions will be donated to charity.

For full details of the extensive three hour programme and buffet plese ckick the PDF symbol below

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Paraplegic and Handicapped Children & The Children's Forest09-May-2008

In 2007 Joaquin Leguia proposed that a pilot scheme be instituted with ANIA for handicapped kids within the Children's Forest concept and our Foundation said they would sponsor the development. Now in May 2008 the scheme is a reality and children with handicapped abilities can form a contact with nature and with the concept of preserving their surroundings. For more information click on the PDF below...

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Music - summer concerts report 200712/09/2007
The second 'End of Summer Concert' on August 30th in the  church of the SS.Trinita in Rollo, Liguria, was an even greater success than last year. There was an international audience of 180 and some 35 people sat in the open air in the square in front of the church linked to the interior by video and a superb sound system. With this method in the future we can seat an audience of up to 250.
The Quartetto di Cremona, an internationally acclaimed group of young Genoese musicians, rendered Haydn superbly and a dynamic and electric interpretation of the Brahms Quintet with Filippo Gamba. The audience was entranced by Filippo Gamba paired with Albina Stulpinaite playing delicately the magical Schubert Fantasia for 4 hands which sounded like aconversation in sound between the two parts. The acoustics in the church being remarkably clear the Quartetto di Cremona has promised to return again in the future. Albina finished the evening with a Bach arrangement and a fiery Chopin Etude. The concert lasted almost two hours and raised money for Medecins Sans Frontieres/Medici Senza Frontiere working on behalf of the children of Darfur.
On September 7th Albina Stulpinaite appeared in solo concert in the  cloisters of San Michele in Anacapri with a heavyweight programme of Franck, Schubert, Scriabin and Rachmaninov. A small but select audience attended this event organised by the Assessore della Cultura as the first of a series of future annual Piano Events. The acoustics are rather dry owing to the lack of a vault and the concrete floor but they are crystal clear and very unforgiving to a pianist. After a triumphant Rachmaninov and two encores the audience seemed wildly enthusiastic and keen that Albina should return to Naples and Capri.
For images and reviews please click the PDF symbol
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The New User Manual for the Children's Forest project13/08/2007

The Matthiesen Foundation is proud to co-partner ANIA in the production of a user's manual for The Children's Forest projects. The purpose of the manual is to provide an easy to understand guide as to how one may start from basics and then organise a new project teaching young native children to respect their environment and to conserve it.. The concept is now well established and has been adopted on an experimental basis in other countries outside Peru in Latin America. The handbook has been produced so as to be easily intelligable for children and is thus  promulgated through the medium of cartoons. It is hoped to promote an English language version and a Portuguese version for use in Brazil where there are already two El Bosque de Los Ninon projects already up and running.

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Music Sponsorship 200709/06/2007
The Foundation has supported The London Bach Society and the London Handel Festival.
It is also sponsoring the young Russian pianist Albina Stulpinaite for an assessment in Imola at the Accademia Pianistica and in a concert to be held on September 7th 2007 in the Certosa at Capri, Italy
The Foundation has also made a contribution towards the redevelopment of the Harrow School Music Schools through the Harrow Development Trust

Second End of Summer Concert 200710/05/2007
On August 30th it is planned to hold the second end of summer concert on behalf of Medecins Sans Frontieres. The programme will include a performance by the renowned Quartetto di Cremona (   and the Italian pianist Filippo Gamba ( As last year Albina Stulpinaite will also be performing. The proposed programme may ve viewed in the attached PDF
On September 7th Albina will be performing in a concert of Russian Romantic Music at the Chiostro di San Michele in Anacapri also in conjunction with this Foundation
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First End of Summer Concert, Italy 200610/05/2007
On September 3rd 2006 the Foundation  sponsored a Mozart , Tartini, Paganini and Beethoven  concert in Rollo's baroque Parish Church of SS.Trinita  overlooking the Mediterannean in the picturesque Ligurian village of Rollo di Andora. There will also be a piano recital by Albina Stulpinaite who is sponsored by the Foundation featuring works by Cesar Franck and Rachmaninov. The concert commenced at 1700 and was  followed later that evening by another concert in nearby rococo Cervo performed as part of the ACCADEMIA ESTIVA INTERNAZIONALE DI CERVO giving music lovers the opportunity of double fare that day.
The Rollo concert is organised by the Foundation in collaboration with the
 Cervo Accademia and Gruppo Rollo 99.
For the programme please see the attached PDF file.
The concert was held in aid of the work for children carried out by Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders/Medici Senza Frontiere in Darfur and a substantial donation  was made.
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Guercino Drawings at The Courtauld Institute, London10/05/2007

In November 2006 the Foundation made a contribution towards supporting Guercino Mind to Paper, an exhivition at The Courtauld Institute  February-May 2007.

Bolivian Esse Eja receive their home medecine book29/08/2006

In the attached PDF you can see images of the very poor native Indians receiving their health manuals. For a further account see the news items below on the menu

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A New Health Manual for the Bolivian Esse 'Eja30/05/2006
The long promised new health manual for the Bolivian indiginous Esse 'Eja has now been released. Bolivia is home to by far the largest Esse 'Eja population.
The manual with  66 pages fully illustrated with forest plants preserves the heritage of tribal medecine much handed down through the last Sheman. It covers a wide variety of ailments from fever to stomach ache, 'flu, colds, bronchitis, coughing blood, wounds and so on. in fact there are few day to day ailments that are not covered. Click on the PDF to see a sample of some of the pages. For more information scroll down the News Menu to see the entry on the Peruvian edition of this manual released two years ago.
Daniela writes:
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Subject: Re: Emailing: news.htm
Dear Patrick,
What  great website! I am attaching the pictures that almost never made it into this world!
 Amalia is on the Rio Orton and Chiquia is on the Rio Madre de Dios - like in Peru all adults (or couples) received a manual - it has been a great hit n Bolivia where they have lost so much of their plant knowledge (nonetheless their language is more inatct here than in Peru because their professors and healthworkers are Ese Ejja))- they have been very appreciative. Thank you again for making this happen!
Warmest regards,
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Latest news of The Childrens Forest Projects 200622/05/2006
Several new El Bosque de Los Ninos projects have been cloned since 2004-5. If you open the attached PDF you can see the smiling faces of the children involved with these projects run by ANIA.  The first photo is from Apurimac, in the mountains of Peru. I just love this picture!! The second one is in Laran (Chincha) which is a place very close to Lima. There the children transformed a location which had heaps of garbage into their Campo de los Niños!
The third image is a 'biohuerto' or biological vegetable garden in Huasoroco where the children have sown some vegetables and plants. The fourth image is also from Huasoroco  in another location where the children planted a garden in the shape of a star. The fifth photo is again from Laran,  And the last one is from Huancavelica where the community have gave to the children a small lake to create their Children's Lake! 
 We work to change the world, at least just a little. The children help us a lot.
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Pumps for freshwater wells in the Children's Forest Project03/05/2006

In conjunction with ANIA The Matthiesen Foundation has sponsored educational posters and materials which are illustrated on this site. Funds from the Foundation have sponsored the work of Marta who produced a nutrition guide poster and a health guide poster to be distributed to all the families.

Water wells or piped pumped fresh water of controlled quality has been installed in two locations and there are plans for more. Two specialized hand pumps were acquired in June 2002 and shipped from Finland and donated by The Matthiesen Foundation to ANIA for use in the Children’s Forest project. It arranged to bore two new wells in La Torre and Sonene adjacent to the schools. In this way clean water will be at hand for teaching hygiene as well as for the children's vegetable garden without the need to carry it up from the river. The pumps are of a design incorporating stainless steel parts and a full well-depth piston which allows easy use by children and long service without maintenance problems. These pumps have been supplied by the Finnish manufacturer Vammalan Konepaja Inc of Vammala to NGOs in E.Africa, Ghana, Cameroons, Ivory Coast, China, Thailand, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu and Vietnam over the last 20 years. This facility has led to an expansion of the children's fruit and nursery gardens, and, with the advice of an agronomist, to a widening of the range of plants that can be cultivated for food resulting in an improved diet.

(click the image on the menu to see the pump)

The Matthiesen Foundation has also provided three bicycles for the volunteers working on the three projects in Peru

Presentation of Ese Eja Medicinal Plant Book


The Ese’Eja are the indigenous inhabitants of the Tambopata region in Peru, and the Madidi / Pando regions in Bolivia. Originally semi-nomadic, in Peru they now live in settled communities: Bahuaja (Infierno) on the Tambopata river, Palma Real on the Madre de Dios river, and Sonene on the Sonene (Heath) river. TReeS has worked since 1986 with the Ese'eja at Centro Cultural Ese'eja (Centro Nape). In terms of health care this has taken the form of promoting primary health care initiatives while retaining the best of traditional approaches along with appropriate aspects of western medicine. TReeS announced in 2004 that the latest initiative was a 60 page bilingual (Ese'eja / Spanish) health and medicinal plant manual which has been written and illustrated by Ese'eja collaborators. This was published with sponsorship from The Matthiesen Foundation.( to see the book cover and two pages click on the image to enlarge on the menu page next to this article)

The principal aims have been to -

- promote the use of medicinal plants (in a suitable illustrated format) to treat common illness symptoms to improve the health of the Ese¹eja. The Ese'eja have a wealth of knowledge relating to the use of medicinal plants which is not being fully passed down from Elders to younger community members.

- strengthen, encourage and value Ese¹eja concepts of health and illness. Western approaches to health care often ignore underlying factors which may contribute to poor health, factors highlighted by the Ese¹eja approach.

- strengthen Ese'eja capacitation through involvement in a project linking Ese¹eja communities. The Ese¹eja have limited opportunity to co-operate within Peru let alone on a cross border initiative.

- encourage and strengthen the Ese'eja language: this is one of the first publications in Ese'eja. The Ese'eja language is also under threat as the community Elders die without fully passing it on to younger generations. The publication will complement the Plant Manual produced for native communities across Madre de Dios some years ago. The intention is for FENAMAD (Federation of native communities of Madre de Dios) / TReeS to publish 500 copies, including one for every household in the three ese¹eja communities within Peru - in almost all households at least one family member can read. An equivalent publication is being produced in Bolivia taking in to account linguistic variations within the Ese¹eja language.


‘ Once the manuals were published we went straight to the communities to spend our last days there and to distribute the manuals. Everyone was extremely pleased and they especially appreciated that they are in the Ese Eja language and that their participation as authors and illustrators has been acknowledged. Before we left for the communities we set up a date toward the end of April with the Ese Eja of Sonene, Infierno and Palma Real to make a public presentation of the book alongside the presentation of an Ese Eja version of a map of the Heath River and a film that records testimonials of life on the Heath as several Ese Eja families traveled to the headwaters. ThIs event generated tremndous excitement and large delegations attended from each community and local authorities and NGO's that work with (or make decisions regarding) the Ese Eja were invited to attend. It was a wonderful evening.’(from a letter from D.Peluso of TReeS)

News 2002-2004 The nutritional recipe book30/04/2006
The Matthiesen Foundation in conjunction with ANIA sponsored the publication of a recipe book of local food and traditional cookery which was distributed to each Esse Eja family nucleus with the express intent of improving the children's diet and varying and balancing their nutritional needs

The idea was to improve the family diet and conserve traditional food recipes both in Spanish and Esse Eja with illustrations and diagrams. Ina ddition this expanded the diet by showing how differing nutritious dishes could be spread throughout the year. One of the main problems had been gluts of specific foods such as mangoes containing vitamin C for short periods with a dearth of balanced nutrition for the rest of the year resulting in skin and hair vitamin deficiencies for the children

For more information see The Childrens Forest under 'Projects' on the Home Page. You can enlarge the cover of the book by clicking on the image on the menu page
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Dear Patrick
I met with Vanessa Frias and Elizabeth and Nicole, the two girls working in La Torre, while I was in Peru, and in fact was there when E and N heard about your funding for their work, which they were delighted about. I was impressed with the way things were going and particularly the La Torre work, so I think it's excellent your funds have been transferred - E & N have much enthusiasm, a mature and realistic perspective, and a highly participative approach to working with the community (TReeS is also giving them infrastructural support). Elizabeth also wrote to me recently that La Torre has now set aside an area of forest as a 'bosque de los ninos'. I attach a little report I sent to the TReeS committee on the La Torre project for your interest. Hope to speak with you later. Best wishes, Helen.


Elizabeth Raine and Nicole Antonie (affiliates to TReeS UK) Elizabeth and Nicole were RNs at Explorers’ Inn last year and have just returned in order to begin working at La Torre Community, particularly in terms of education and benefits from tourism. They are there as independent volunteers, and indeed relations between local communities and NGOs are so poor that the community only accepted their offer of assistance on the condition that they do not act as part of an NGO. They are fundraising in the UK under the umbrella of TReeS UK; in Peru they are affiliated to TReeS and ANIA.

Nicole and Elizabeth have started working at the community in the last few weeks, doing some simple things while they wait for the outcome of fundraising efforts. So far they have concentrated on giving English lessons both to children at the school and to any adults who are interested. They are using materials from Tina’s English Academy. In the afternoons, they organise ecological games with the kids.

Before leaving the UK, Elizabeth sent out funding proposals to 100 UK charitable trusts. In addition, they have produced a leaflet (‘Project La Torre’) asking people to become ‘Friends’ of La Torre by donating £3 a month, or £36 a year. The leaflets will be placed in the two lodges close to the community – Explorer’s Inn and Inotawa. The money is being channelled through TReeS UK, but Elizabeth and Nicole will handle all correspondence. The ‘Friends’ will receive a quarterly email newsletter and an annual gift – intended to be handicraft made in La Torre. They already have their first cheque for £36.

Parts of their proposed work are very similar to that proposed by ANIA, an environmental education organisation in Puerto Maldonado run by Joaquin Leguia and Vanessa Frias. ANIA works with schoolchildren, and at the same time with the kids’ fathers, giving training for handicraft production. The latter appears to have brought the fathers on board and stimulated much interest in the communities. They also provide playgrounds and set up a ‘bosques de los niños’ – children’s forest – in each community. This is an area of primary forest set aside by the community (preferably by the school) for kids’ educational activities.

ANIA is currently working in two mining communities in Los Amigos, funded by ACCA, and in other communities with funding from Pro Naturaleza. It also has a US$15,000 grant from Patrick Matthieson in the UK, which was intended for work in Sonene and Baltimore communities. However, ANIA has decided that it would be better not to start work in Baltimore because in two or three years Baltimore will probably have too few children to keep the school open. Instead, they have decided to support Nicole and Elizabeth in La Torre. So in the last few days Nicole and Elizabeth received the good news that they had US$7,000 from ANIA to expand their activities.

In June 2002 TRees, a British organisation with whom The Matthiesen Foundation is working in Sonene and la Torre inconjunction with ANIA sounded the alarm with regard to a crisis situation that was developing in the area as follows:

EMERGENCY FUNDING APPEAL IN DEFENCE OF THE ISOLATED INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS OF MADRE DE DIOS, PERU June 2002 This proposal seeks urgent funding for the defence of isolated indigenous populations in Madre de Dios, southeast Amazonian Peru. The populations are immediately threatened by the expansion of uncontrolled, illegal mahogany extraction that is encroaching into their traditional territory.

In May 2002, the Peruvian government declared a State Reserve in favour of the isolated indigenous populations; however, there appears to be no adequate plan by the government to give on-the-ground protection to the new Reserve and control illegal logging. The urgency of the situation cannot be overemphasised. There is an immediate danger of direct confrontation, which could result in deaths among both the indigenous peoples and the timber workers. Even without a direct confrontation there is an acute risk of epidemics through the introduction of ‘western’ diseases, to which isolated indigenous populations have little resistance. This year’s logging season is just beginning and unless action is taken it is highly likely that contact will be forced upon the isolated populations, with disastrous results. Already, there have been reports of some sightings by loggers of isolated indigenous people, including a case in which a young timber worker was wounded by an arrow.

This proposal adopts a dual strategy. Its primary aim is to work to prevent contact with the isolated populations, guaranteeing their right to maintain their isolation and retain use of their traditional territories. In addition, it aims to put in place a contingency plan for emergency assistance, should contact occur. To this end the following objectives will be pursued: · Mount a national awareness-raising campaign and mobilise political support for the defence of the new Reserve; · Establish an investigation team to visit the logging frontier and gather accurate information on the situation; · Develop a cross-institutional contingency plan for emergency assistance in the event of epidemics as a result of direct contact. Whilst it is likely that the total funding will take some months to raise, TReeS UK has undertaken to raise an initial sum of US$10,000 so that some activities can begin as soon as possible. We are therefore urgently seeking donations to contribute to this sum. Please forward this proposal to any individuals or organisations who may be able to make a donation. The original proposal was prepared jointly by the regional indigenous Federation, FENAMAD, and TReeS-Peru, a local non-governmental organisation. This English summary was prepared by TReeS-UK, which has a 15-year history of collaboration with FENAMAD.
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